Dairy Products

Proven end-to-end supply chain delivering high quality, aflatoxin free milk and milk related products for industrial off-takers

Our dairy food category provides top-quality dairy products sourced from carefully selected dairy farmers in Kuppam, Karnataka. The cows receive our approved feed and enjoy the utmost care and hygiene standards to ensure that their milk is pure and free of toxins and antibiotics. Each product undergoes rigorous quality checks and packaging in a cutting-edge facility to ensure that only high quality and safe milk enters our supply chain.

Our range of dairy products

High-quality milk for industrial off takers

Our quality methods ensure the supply of high-quality milk and dairy products to industrial clients, transforming the "first mile" of milk production.

Cattle feed for dairy farmers

Our expertly balanced feed undergoes rigorous quality checks to ensure the highest standards for boosting milk production and enhancing overall cattle health.

Everything we do, we do it for you and the planet.

Our process to excellence

We take pride in educating our farmer partners on good animal husbandry practices and building strong village-level partnerships to ensure the highest quality milk production and to create social impact within the rural ecosystem.

Transforming dairy farming

We support our farmers with training, guidance, improved feed, and veterinary services to enhance milk quality, productivity, and expand herd size.

We promote farmer entrepreneurship and transform small farms into professionally run SIPUs (Small Industrial Production Units) for significant social impact, including rural jobs, and ecological conservation.

Empowering village-level partnerships

We partner with BMCs (Bulk Milk Coolers) operated by local entrepreneurs, who provide value-added services like training and payments at the village level. They also ensure timely milk collection with high-quality standards through a tightly managed cold chain, chilling the milk within 45 minutes of milking.

Enhancing quality assurance and global health standards

We implement stringent freshness testing and quality standards at all collection and packaging centres to ensure the safety and purity milk.

Improving supply chain efficiency through IT

Our IT-based supply chain ensures the highest efficiency by analysing data, identifying bottlenecks, and enabling real-time monitoring.

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