Transforming Dairy Management for Efficiency and Transparency

What does it do?

InnoDairy® revolutionizes dairy management by seamlessly collecting and distributing milk procurement data, even in offline mode. This data facilitates precise farmer payments, offers valuable guidance, and generates comprehensive reports for informed decision-making in the dairy industry. Our solution is hardware-independent, ensuring connectivity via Bluetooth for wireless data collection at the center level, and an enhanced UI for user convenience.

Supplier Management

Streamline your dairy operations with robust supplier profiling and herd management.

Milk Management

Efficiently manage offline milk collection, categorization, and quality rating.

Rate, Incentives & Deductions

Simplify complex payment processes with transparent rate management, bonuses, and deductions.

Payments Management

Manage farmer payments in real-time, including incentives, deductions, and transporter payments.

Material Management

Optimize logistics with efficient dispatch receipts, issue and return processes, and sales data tracking.


Access comprehensive reports for insightful analytics and decision-making in dairy operations.

Why it Really Matters

How does it work?

Enabling streamlined operations, quick access to critical information, and intelligent decision-making throughout the dairy value chain.

Explore the key functionalities that empower administrators, field teams, and farmers alike.

Explorative Features:

Cloud-based Admin Console

Centre App for Data Collection

User App for Field Reporting

Farmer App

Everything we do, we do it for you and the planet.

Application and Benefits

Embark on a journey of efficiency and transparency in dairy management!

Introducing our feature-rich modules that redefine the way you handle every aspect of your dairy supply chain


Supplier Management Module

Streamlined supplier profiling, herd management, and a robust supplier ledger. Unlock data-driven insights to foster loyalty through personalized services.


Milk Management Module

Seamlessly manage offline milk collection, categorization, and quality rating. Ensure a smooth and accountable flow of dairy products.


Material Management Module

Optimize logistics with efficient dispatch receipts, issue and return processes, sales data tracking, and stock adjustments. Centralize monitoring for better control over stock levels and sales insights.


Payments Module

Simplify complex payment processes, enhance transparency, build supplier loyalty, and manage farmer payments in real-time.


Reports Module

Gain a 3️60-degree view of dairy operations with insightful procurement analytics, comprehensive tracking, and detailed payment and bill management. Empower decision-makers with data, even in low-network conditions.

Experience a new era of dairy management with InnoDairy, designed to elevate your efficiency and drive success!

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