Revolutionizing agricultural businesses through technology for rapid growth and enhanced operational efficiencies

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InnoTech comprises Innoterra’s Tech and SaaS solutions that add value for farmers’ businesses. We integrate the latest technologies into our solutions, provide specialized user training, and prioritize industry aspects of agriculture.

Smarter dairy

InnoDairy helps farmers and farmers’ businesses with smooth dairy digitization. Dairy digitization demands smooth functioning of activities and processes, providing quick access to all necessary information from supplier management to smart decision-making.

Organize milk collection, categorization, and quality with ease.

Manage suppliers, herds, logistics, payments, and analytics seamlessly.

Streamline operations, reduce costs, and explore new opportunities.

Elevate profitability with Traceability for increased market value and transparency.

Smarter traceability

InnoTrace eliminates the challenge of traceability in the value chain up to the farm level, providing authenticity to the produce and a transparent view of the entire value chain.

Smarter farming

InnoFarm is our complete solution that empowers agribusinesses with cutting-edge technology to optimize production and reduce waste. With this you can simplify your supply chain, process, information, and cost management through analytics-driven applications.

Organize milk collection, categorization, and quality with ease.

Plan pre-harvest, streamline post-harvest, and enhance supply chain.

Simplified learning with high-quality audio video lessons for improved farm practices and increased earnings.

*Available in India only​

Smarter learning for farmers and growers

InnoSoli, a geo-specific learning app, empowering farmers and growers with tailored wisdom through contextualized learning programs for successful farming.

*Available in India only​

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