Transforming Supply Chains for Unmatched Visibility.

What does it do?

InnoTrace® is a cutting-edge traceability solution utilizing QR code + MIS data integration. It enables seamless product tracing up to the farm level—cost-effective and easy to implement across the value chain. Empowering farmers and retailers to authenticate product safety and sustainability while providing consumers with unparalleled transparency.

Why it Really Matters

How does it work?

Revolutionizing supply chains with end-to-end traceability for unparalleled transparency, simplicity, and integration at every step.

It all runs on an interconnected levels of interfaces and systems

Indian Farmers

Indian farmers collaborate with state government authorities to secure GI tags for their fruits, enhancing cultivation and ripening practices and leading to a significant boost in exports.

Benefits of InnoTrace


Consumers are now highly
conscious of food safety, hygiene, nutrition, and sustainable/ethical growing practices that benefit both people and the planet.

Benefits of InnoTrace

In everything we do, we do it for you and the planet.

Application and Benefits

Embark on a journey of agricultural excellence with the collaborative efforts of Indian farmers and state government authorities, resulting in the acquisition of Geographic Indication (GI) tags for their fruits.

This not only enhances cultivation and ripening practices but also triggers a remarkable surge in exports. Explore the transformative application and benefits of InnoTrace:

For the Indian Farmers

Increased Profitability

Elevate market value and revenue avenues with GI tags.

Reduced Operational Costs

Streamline operations and enhance cultivation practices.

New Business Opportunities

Expand global market access with GI-tagged fruits.

Efficient Inventory Management

Gain efficiencies in inventory management through improved practices.

Better Responsiveness to Customer Demand

Fine-tune practices based on market needs.

For the End Consumer

Informed Food Choices

Make informed decisions with transparent information about produce origin.

Improved Food Safety

Build trust through enhanced food safety measures.

Enhanced Customer Service

Traceable journey from farm to table for superior customer service.

Efficient Inventory Management

Support ethical practices resonating with conscious consumer values.

An illustrative journey with InnoTrace, empowering farmers and growers

Stage 1

On-Farm Inspection

Thorough examination of fruits directly at the farm to ensure quality.

Stage 2

Grading and Sorting

Systematic categorization and sorting of fruits based on quality standards.

Stage 3

Crating and Packaging

Safely packed fruits dispatched to the point of sale (retail and mandi).

Stage 4

Consumer Ready Branding Solution

Final stage, presenting a consumer-ready brand solution for the highest quality assurance.

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