How to sustainably feed the world

In thirty years’ time, the world will need to produce 70% more food than today to feed humankind, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agricultural Organization (FAO). This need for food poses one of the biggest challenges to the planet. We want to help solve this challenge as well as generate sustainable value for all members along the food value chain – for you and us, for farmers and consumers, distributors and investors, and finally our planet itself.

To help achieve the necessary transformation, we have launched a data-driven food and tech platform company in India – because we believe the country has the largest production and improvement potential in the world. Our food businesses already produce more than 150,000 tons of high-quality, safe and healthy food. In addition to catering to India’s domestic needs, we also supply products to the Middle East, Europe and Asia.

From farm to fork: How we create resilient and sustainable food systems

We are transforming entire food ecosystems by creating a highly scalable food and tech platform that uses data to provide support for everyone involved along the food value chain.

The Innoterra system works with data intelligence and forecasting to deliver improvements to farm management practices, supply chain and logistics management, as well as full traceability of all core products from farm to fork.

Our Track Record

85% CAGR

over the last 4 years

400+ metric tons

of healthy nutrition produced per day

14 countries

in which we operate

500+ fulltime employees

in India, Middle East, The Philippines and Europe


rural collection and urban distribution centres

3000+ acres

of land under inclusively managed farms


farmer families engaged


direct and indirect jobs created in rural India


farmers using digital services


reduction in post-harvest food wastage


farmers trained yearly

1.5+ million

people supplied daily with Innoterra food products