Over 40% of the food that the world needs is produced by 470 million smallholder farmer families across the world. Yet, they are facing many challenges, for instance in accessing information, technology, and finance as well as well as in accessing markets and in scalability.

Innoterra’s comprehensive agricultural technology service platform is built to address these challenges and capitalize on the tremendous opportunities in this untapped market of bringing food produced by smallholder farmers to the global food market at scale. The open-architecture platform provides a full set of input and output products and services to farmers and FPCs, including offtake and market access. The Innoterra platform is due to be active in 900 villages across 11 states in India by FY 2022-23 (April-March), serving over 300,000 farmers in India.

Innoterra’s Nutrition business is one of the customers to the tech platform and offers a broad range of produce and non-perishables to consumers in 14+ countries. Innoterra produces more than 150,000 tons of high-quality, safe, and healthy food every month.

Platform power: How we create resilient and sustainable food systems

By giving farmers easy access to input and output products and services as well as to advisory and learning programs, the Innoterra platform systematically enhances their farming and commercial capabilities. Innoterra also provides a range of leading-edge software solutions for farm produce aggregators, farmer organizations, distributors, and retailers.

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Our Track Record

72% CAGR

over the last 5 years

500 MT

of healthy nutrition produced per day

14 countries

in which we operate

1000+ employees

fulltime employees in India, Middle East, The Philippines, and Europe


rural collection and urban distribution centres


farmers using platform services


reduction in post-harvest food wastage


farmers trained yearly

1.5+ Million

million people supplied daily with Innoterra food products


direct and indirect jobs created in rural India

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