145,000 liters of high-quality aflatoxin-free milk sourced directly from farmers daily (average)


4 Cities served, connecting retailers through our output marketplace

Innoterra in Numbers​

Our commitment

Our platform empowers food sellers and buyers through direct marketplace access to the best products and services.

Goodness for all.

The Retailer Marketplace (FarmLink) allows retailers to buy more consistent quality products directly from farmers/farmer collectives resulting in improved margins for all parties involved.

The Farmer Marketplace (InnoSoli) gives farmers access to everything they need to sustainably produce better products.

Our offerings

We unlock value for sellers and buyers through an open and transparent digital marketplace and end to end fulfilment services

Our full-stack platform with two marketplaces creates a connected food ecosystem and empowers producers and sellers to feed the world with healthy and sustainably produced food


Farm to doorstep - Get the finest farm products delivered next day!


Maximize your margins with our end-to-end fulfilment support and direct sales to a vast retail network.

For you & the Planet

Our track record

Numbers tell story

We nurture close relationships with a large fast growing network of buyers in 14 cities around the country ensuring that the best food products are delivered to their doorstep each day of the year.

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Input partners

Everything we do, we do it for you and the planet.

Our Impact

Year of Impact by seamlessly integrating technology and sustainability for a sustainable future

Amid climate challenges, Innoterra transforms into a technology-first, platform-driven force dedicated to global well-being. Our spotlight on India reflects a commitment to scale exports, uplift farming families, and pioneer sustainable food systems and achieving Net Zero by 2040, our 'hyper-localization' strategy to drive impact.

Explore our Social Impact Annual Report for our journey toward a regenerative world.

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BanacXin: A Promise for Banana Farmers! 🍌🌱

Innoterra’s natural solution fights for a sustainable future by protecting bananas against Fusarium Wilt TR4 (Panama Disease). Together, let’s ensure the security of banana farming!
#Innoterra #InnoterraBioScience #PlantVaccine #BanacXin #SustainableAgriculture #FoodSecurity #FutureSecured


May 9, 2023

🌶️ Spicing Up #SriLanka with Innoterra Chilies! 🚢

Our premium Red Chilies are enroute to Sri Lanka from Chennai! 🌏 This journey marks a significant step in our mission to deliver top-quality spices worldwide, supporting local farming communities. We’re dedicated to sharing nature’s authentic flavours with you. Stay tuned for more spice-filled adventures in your culinary world! 🍛🍽️ #Innoterra #InnoterraNutrition #InnoterraGlobalFoods #SpiceOfLife #GlobalFlavors #Sustainability


April 30, 2023

🌾 Bridging the Data Gap in Indian Agriculture: Empowering Farmers! 🌱

In the vast landscape of Indian agriculture, a pressing challenge persists – the absence of farm-level data. Our farming communities deserve access to information right at the grassroots level, empowering them to thrive. At #Innoterra, we’re committed to arming farmers with the data they need for informed decisions. 🚀 Innoterra #InnoterraTech #InnoterraPlatform #DataInAgriculture #FarmersEmpowerment #Agritech #IndianAgriculture #DataForFarmers


April 28, 2023

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