Unleashes Cloud-Driven Efficiency and Insight for Smart Farming

What does it do?

Streamlines the farming supply chain from field to consumer on a cloud-based platform. Our analytics-driven application simplifies supply chain, process, information, and cost management with features like farmer and farm profile management, geo-tagging, and comprehensive reporting.

Pre-harvest Management

Effortlessly plan and monitor pre-harvest activities for optimal crop yields.

Quality Management

Ensure top-notch quality with comprehensive checks and detailed quality reports.


Access insightful reports for a 360-degree view of your farming operations and supply chain.

Post-harvest Management

Streamline post-harvest processes with efficient skimming, harvesting, and quality recording.

Material Management

Optimize resource use with efficient purchase receipts, stock transfers, and consumption tracking.

Farmers Portfolio

Empower your farming journey with simplified farmer profiling and geo-tagging.

Packhouse Management

Facilitate seamless packhouse operations, from grading to packaging and distribution.

Supply chain Management

Streamline your supply chain with precise sales recording, despatch receipts, and inventory management.

Why it Really Matters

How does it work?

Enabling streamlined operations, quick access to critical information, and intelligent decision-making throughout the dairy value chain.

Explore the key functionalities that empower administrators, field teams, and farmers alike.

Explorative Features:

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Application and Benefits

Explore the benefits of our platform

Transforming agricultural management for a sustainable tomorrow! Presenting a comprehensive suite of modules designed to revolutionize farming operations and enhance productivity

Farmer Portfolio

Pre-harvest Management

Post-harvest Management

Packhouse Management

Quality Management

Material Management

Supply Chain Management

ERP Integration


Farmer Portfolio Module

Empower your farming journey with features like farmer profiling, farm block profiling,
geo-tagging, and plantation details. Simplify farmer registration, map farm blocks, and seamlessly record farm-level data.


Pre-Harvest Management Module

Streamline your pre-harvest activities with features such as activity management, planning, reporting, and recommendations. Define SOPs, report planned and unplanned activities, and receive real-time commendations for swift corrective measures.


Post-Harvest Management Module

Efficiently manage post-harvest activities, including recording farm-level skimming andharvesting. Identify available harvest, plan efficiently, and capture detailed quality information at the farm level.


Packhouse Management Module

Facilitate a seamless packhouse operation with features like harvest receipts, grading,sorting, packaging, and distribution record-keeping. Enhance inventory management, track packaging and losses, andgenerate delivery challans and receipts effortlessly.


Quality Management Module

Ensure top-notch quality with features for recording checks across milestones, from the farmto the packhouse and cold storage. Generate detailed quality reports and trace issues back to the farm level.


Material Management Module

Optimize resource utilization with features like creating purchase receipts, recording stocktransfers, and tracking daily consumptions. Improve inventory management, minimize material waste, and maintain comprehensive daily consumption reports.


Supply Chain Management Module

Streamline your supply chain with features for recording sales (domestic + exports),despatch receipts, and monitoring cold storage operations. Calculate fruit aging, monitor wastage, plan container despatches,and stay on top of inventory management.


ERP Integration Module

Seamlessly integrate with ERP software for an optimized process from procurement to distribution.Unlock greater efficiency and enhance your overall agricultural management experience.

Experience a new era of dairy management with InnoDairy, designed to elevate your efficiency and drive success!


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