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About the program

Enabling Sustainable Growth in Food Ecosystems

Our program aims to build a sustainable food ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders in the value chain. We believe that an inclusive food value chain, where every stakeholder is connected to a wider, tech-enabled platform network, is the easiest and clearest path to empowering farmer, producers and the food ecosystem. This creates a tremendous network effect that has already transformed multiple industries, such as social media and e-commerce businesses.

Our digital platform unites the entire value chain, while our mobile learning app empowers growers with smart learning, benefitting stakeholders and the planet.


Our Retail Marketplace

A digitally enabled retail marketplace that directly connects farmer collectives and growers with the world of retailers, allowing for better price realization with orchestration.

Why it Really Matters

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Partnership Opportunities

Innoterra’s brand promise “for you and the planet” drives our pursuit of a resilient and sustainable food ecosystem. We continually strive to deliver value to our partners by offering differentiated products, services, and solutions through our
platform and nutrition businesses.

We offer various partnership programs to help achieve our mission.

Farmlink – Our Retail Marketplace

InnoSoli – Our Farmer Education App

in creating a better agri food ecosystem for all

In everything we do, we do it for you and the planet.

Value Proposition

Partner with Us for a Sustainable Future

Our Retail Marketplace, Farmlink, offers nationwide sourcing, integrated tech, quality assurance, and analytics. InnoSoli, our Farmer Education App, fosters knowledge sharing and ethical practices, driving positive change in rural communities.

Here are some compelling reasons for our collaboration.

Advantages of Farmlink – Our Retail Marketplace

Advantaged of InnoSoli – Our Farmer Education App

Our Impact

A climate-positive and socially-repsonsible world for you and the planet

Ecological sustainability is at the core of our ethos, and we are actively empowering farmers and other partners to make greener, more sustainable choices.

As a business, we are focused on profit with purpose. Our financial success depends on our ability to significantly improve the lives and businesses of farmers and rural entrepreneurs as our key partners.


Our Valued Partners, Shaping the Future Alongside Us

Voices from field

Hear directly from the heart of farming communities. Real stories, real impact – watch our farmers share their journey.

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