Revolutionizing Indian Dairy with Technology and Transparency


May 7, 2024



MilkLane, a pioneering dairy unit under Innoterra, is revolutionizing India’s dairy sector through technology and transparency. By focusing on quality, traceability, and financial inclusion, MilkLane bridges the gap between technology and traditional dairy farming. With its Bulk Milk Cooler model and tech-enabled product InnoDairy, MilkLane ensures safe milk production and empowers farmers with direct payments, thus creating a more inclusive and resilient dairy ecosystem.

Transforming India’s Dairy Landscape: The MilkLane Story.

In the heart of India’s dairy landscape, MilkLane, a dairy unit of Innoterra, is transforming milk production, sourcing, and delivery. With a focus on quality and traceability, MilkLane ensures safe milk through its Bulk Milk Cooler model and tech-enabled product InnoDairy. By empowering over 10,000 farmers with financial inclusion initiatives and offering high-quality cattle feed brand Aayush, MilkLane is revolutionizing the dairy sector. Through its efforts, MilkLane exemplifies the fusion of tradition and technology, ensuring a brighter future for India’s dairy industry.


As India’s dairy landscape undergoes transformation, MilkLane emerges as a beacon of modernity and sustainability. By prioritizing quality, traceability, and financial inclusion, MilkLane not only delivers safe milk but also empowers farmers and fosters a brighter future for the entire dairy industry.



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