Ripe for Change – Innoterra’s Game-Changing Solutions to Safeguard the Global Banana Industry

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Steven Savage, for Forbes.


April 16, 2024



The global banana industry is under threat from the Fusarium Wilt Tropical Race 4 (TR-4) fungus. With the iconic Cavendish banana at risk, innovative solutions are imperative. Innoterra is pioneering approaches like Conventional Breeding, Cisgenics, and Biological Treatments, including their groundbreaking product BanacXin, offering hope for disease-resistant cultivars and integrated pest management.

The global banana industry faces a significant threat from a fungus known as Fusarium Tropical Race 4 (TR-4), jeopardizing a $12 billion export industry and impacting food security in developing countries.

The industry’s heavy reliance on the Cavendish cultivar, resistant to an earlier banana-killing disease called Panama Disease, has made it vulnerable to TR-4. Various strategies are being explored to combat this threat, including natural mutations, conventional breeding, cisgenics, genome editing, and biological treatments. Innoterra’s discovery of TR-4-resistant banana mutants in the Philippines offers hope for a resilient and sustainable banana industry. The company’s innovative approach highlights the importance of scientific advancements in safeguarding global food security.

Innoterra’s innovative strategies include:

  • Conventional Breeding: Exploring traditional methods to develop Fusarium Wilt TR-4 resistant banana varieties.
  • Cisgenics: Utilizing precision genetic modifications to introduce Fusarium Wilt TR-4 resistance genes from wild bananas into existing cultivars.
  • Biological Treatments: Innoterra’s BanacXin biofungicide serves as a ‘two-in-one vaccine’ against Fusarium Wilt TR-4 and Black Sigatoka, enhancing banana resilience and nutrient uptake.

Innoterra’s discovery of naturally occurring Fusarium Wilt TR-4-resistant banana mutants in the Philippines provides a glimmer of hope for a resilient and sustainable banana industry. This breakthrough underscores the significance of scientific advancements in ensuring global food security.

Innoterra’s initiatives aim for a holistic solution through Integrated Pest Management (IPM). By combining various biological and chemical solutions, these strategies manage both Fusarium Wilt TR-4 and Black Sigatoka effectively.


The global banana industry’s future is at a crossroads, with Fusarium Wilt TR-4 posing a significant threat to its sustainability. However, there is cause for optimism, as scientific advancements and innovative solutions are emerging to combat this challenge. Innoterra’s discovery of Fusarium Wilt TR-4 -resistant banana mutants exemplify the potential for natural mutations to offer a viable solution for the industry. Additionally, advancements in conventional breeding, cisgenics, genome editing, and biological treatments offer promising avenues for developing disease-resistant and sustainable banana varieties. As the industry navigates these challenges, there is an opportunity for diversification and improvement, potentially leading to bananas that are resistant to multiple diseases, non-browning, and biofortified. With continued research and collaboration, the industry can overcome these challenges and ensure a future where bananas remain a staple in diets worldwide.

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