About Us

We connect the food ecosystem to create more value for all stakeholders

Who we are and what we do

Around a decade ago, we set out to revolutionize the food ecosystem in India by leveraging technology to create integrated agri-food businesses. Based on our deep experience and understanding of the needs of each stakeholder in the food sector, we established Innoterra in 2020 with the mission to improve the food ecosystems in emerging economies and create significant value for all stakeholders including our planet.

We create value through two marketplaces which digitally connect the participants in the food system and empowers farmers to reach their full potential. The Farmer Marketplace (InnoSoli) gives farmers access to everything they need to sustainably produce better products and improve their livelihood and the Retailer Marketplace (Farmlink) allows retailers to buy consistent quality products directly from farmers/farmer collectives resulting in improved margins for all parties involved.

What makes us different

Our open architecture platform is set up to create significant value for all stakeholders involved. Our retail marketplace is demand driven and operates with an orchestration model allowing suppliers to sell directly to buyers. We take care of the fulfilment through our own sales and last mile distribution teams who efficiently bring quality certified farm products to retailers in 4 cities across India. Our rural cluster teams work with farmers in multiple Indian states and in the Philippines offering "one stop shop" solutions and direct market access to improve the farming business.

Enabled by

Capital-efficient orchestration model with high margins and minimal working capital needs.

Verifiable impact through a profit-with-purpose rationale and transparent impact reporting.

Our Impact

Year of Impact by seamlessly integrating technology and sustainability for a sustainable future

Amid climate challenges, Innoterra transforms into a technology-first, platform- driven force dedicated to global well-being. Our spotlight on India reflects a commitment to scale exports, uplift farming families, and pioneer sustainable food systems and achieving Net Zero by 2040, our 'hyper-localization' strategy to drive impact.

Explore our Social Impact Annual Report for our journey toward a regenerative world.

Powerful demand

Own cost-efficient sales organisation in major cities, driving demand from 12,500+ retailers.

Cost efficient farmer onboarding:

Access to top farmer collectives and 10M+ farmer households via strategic partnerships.

Efficient supply generation

Tech-enabled farmer engagement teams in 11 Indian states for highly productive output.

Strong value generation

Quality assurance and product traceability, plus farmer brand development services.

Major milestones so far

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