Creating strong financial, social and environmental returns

The Opportunity

Based on projections of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the world will need 70% more food by 2050. By 2025, India is projected to become the largest consumer market for food in the world, representing a $1 trillion market opportunity.

Meanwhile, arable land and other resources for agriculture across the globe keep diminishing by the year. There is an urgent need to scale up agricultural productivity to produce healthy and nutritious food while protecting the environment and ensuring social inclusion.

Innoterra focuses on addressing these fundamental challenges in meeting the rising global demand of quality food. We achieve this by modernising the food system through data-driven transformation from farm to fork. We transform the way food is produced and supplied and empower and connect all partners in the ecosystem.

The power of our platform

Based on our deep insights into the food ecosystem and strong technological competence, we have built an integrated food, finance and technology platform that uses shared data to facilitate a sustainable transformation of the way food is produced and supplied.

A strong, farsighted business development team drives continuous innovation across the platform. In addition to supporting our existing platform businesses to accelerate profitable growth, the team is systematically building a pipeline of solutions and business models for the most pressing challenges in the food ecosystem while empowering and connecting all partners in the ecosystem.

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Why invest alongside us?

We offer a compelling investment opportunity based on strong business fundamentals, fast-growing end markets and a streamlined approach to growth.

Value Creation Engine

Our Track Record

119% CAGR

over the last 4 years

400+ metric tons

of healthy nutrition produced per day

14 countries

in which we operate

500+ fulltime employees

in India, Middle East, The Philippines and Europe


rural collection and urban distribution centres

3000+ acres

of land under inclusively managed farms


farmer families engaged


direct and indirect jobs created in rural India


farmers using platform services


reduction in post-harvest food wastage


farmers trained yearly

1.5+ million

people supplied daily with Innoterra food products

Our Evolution

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