Creating impact to benefit you and the planet

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Impact Goals

To meet the urgent and critical need for food systems to work for all stakeholders, as well as benefiting the planet.


We aim to innovate and meet the needs of today’s world without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.


Environmental and social impact is a core part of our business strategy across all business units.

Financial Success

Our long-term financial success depends on our ability to sustainably generate value for all our stakeholders.


Technology and data enables us to drive improvements throughout the food ecosystem and empower everyone involved.

Impact Re-imagined

We are building a company that integrates impact into all aspects of its business models and ensures value for every stakeholder. We are focusing on four major issues:

Regenerative Farming

  • Improved yield, quality of produce and income for farmers
  • Efficient natural resource management
  • Responsible sourcing

Supply Chain Modernization

  • Supply chain efficiency
  • Enhanced food security
  • Reduced food wastage

Rural Livelihoods

  • Increased inclusion and prosperity of under-served rural communities, farmers and entrepreneurs

Scalable Education

  • Innoterra Academy strengthens education and knowledge backbone of rural communities through online and offline channels (Farmers First Academy)

Impact Performance Management

We have a strong in-house impact team who manage impact performance along the same standardised process as financial performance. We take a data-driven, transparent and community-wide approach to assess and report implementation:

Impact Case Studies

Training for healthy cattle leading to healthier farmer income

Training for healthy cattle leading to healthier farmer income

#SDG8 MilkLane Trainers Armed with extensive knowledge and a deep commitment to building farmers’ economic mobility, work tirelessly to cover topics including better nutrition, production & productivity enhancement, breeding cycle interventions, disease control,...

Digital diary intervention program

Digital diary intervention program

#InnoterraInvests Mr Rathnavelu's first attempts at becoming a prosperous small dairy farmer were not successful. Day after day, he and his family were getting increasingly concerned about the state of their household finances. Low productivity of his 14 cows was due...