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Our heritage

We began operating in India about ten years ago. Our goal then was to transform the food ecosystem by creating integrated agri-food businesses backed by technology. After successfully incubating multiple food-tech businesses over the years, we envisioned a broader canvass, leading to the integration of all our businesses under one roof as Innoterra – a leap that allowed us to unlock long-term value by accelerating profitable growth.

Our Platform

To sustainably feed the world in thirty years from now, a radical remodeling of the food ecosystem is paramount – and consequently, we see our role in driving transformation in global food systems through incubation and investment in regenerative, resilient, value creating initiatives for farmers, consumers, investors, and the planet.

Our ambition is to create sustainable solutions which provide people with safe, high-quality, and healthy products, while empowering our entire value chain with knowledge, technology, and capital. As we transition away from linear and wasteful economic models, we aim to promote circular alternatives that build economic, natural, and social capital by removing waste, maintaining resources, and developing regenerative solutions for the natural world. We believe our business model is innovating towards a more cohesive and sustainable world, in which we are creating more equitable value for all our stakeholders.

We are facilitating this transformation including the doubling of income of smallholder farmers by applying the power of platform-based inclusion and collaborative innovation. Our highly scalable platform uses data to fundamentally transform the way food is produced, stored, distributed, and consumed, while empowering and connecting all partners in the ecosystem. To this end, our business development team, together with our partners and in collaboration with leading experts around the world, is building a pipeline of solutions to the most pressing issues in the food ecosystem and driving innovation across the entire system.

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