About us

Building an inclusive and resilient food system

Our business at a glance

Innoterra is a Swiss-Indian food and tech platform company with a strong commercial footprint in 14 countries. Our purpose is to transform the food ecosystem to sustainably provide people with safe, high-quality, healthy food products.

All stakeholders along the value chain benefit from our platform. Our ambition is to strive for change stretching from farm to fork – empowered through information, knowledge, capital and close collaboration between all partners within the ecosystem. As a result, our business model is contributing to a more cohesive and sustainable world.

Working to create value for farmers, customers, consumers and investors


Create the basis for sustainable profits

  • Best practice sharing
  • Training and education
  • Market access
  • Efficient intermediation
  • Affordable financing
  • Risk mitigation


Gain a competitive advantage

  • Access to quality food products
  • Predictable, year-round supply
  • Price and cost transparency
  • Supply chain solutions
  • Traceability


Get better value for

  • Healthy and safe food products
  • Sustainably produced products
  • Year-round availability
  • Traceability


Achieve robust financial and social returns

  • At-scale investment pipeline
  • Diversified business portfolio
  • Strong triple bottom line experience
  • Tangible attractive exit opportunity


Benefits from a regenerative mindset

  • Reduced ecological footprint
  • Soil conservation and protection
  • Energy conservation and carbon reduction
  • Plastic and food waste reduction

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